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The Rainbow Box

Help your little one to explore all the colours with our Rainbow Box!

Recognising, naming and playing with colour is not only a fun way to explore and appreciate the world around us but also teaches young children mathematical skills of matching and sorting and supports vocabulary extension by adding descriptive words to nouns - the beginning of sentences!

The Rainbow Box

    • A wooden Bear layer puzzle which can be used for colour naming or size categorisation. As your child grows, these bears also make great storytelling props!
    • Wild Colours book - beautifully illustrated creatures on each page in delightful shades to wonder at.
    • Colour match puzzles - a set of colour and object puzzle pieces to search for and match. Hand-eye coordination gets a good workout with this game as well as concentration skills. Also comes with amatching mini book to reinforce learning.
    • A set of 18 Rainbow Pebbles for matching and sorting. We love these pebbles, they are super smooth and tactile and your little one will love making patterns with them as well as using them in imaginative play (long blue biscuit anyone?)!
    • Rainbow crafts set - multicoloured tissue pieces, card, glue and spreader for your little artist to explore colour creatively. What happens when you stick yellow on top of red? Can you make a line of blue pieces? .....
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