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Our Philosophy

montessori inspired activity

All of our learning materials have been selected with the knowledge that every child is capable of wonderful things. As soon as a baby is born and they are taking in their new world through their senses, they are telling us "I want to know everything there is to know!". Our toys are chosen support maintain this thirst for learning during your child's important early months and years through activities which are, in part, inspired by the Montessori approach to early learning.

What is Montessori all about?

Montessori learning is based on putting the child at the centre of their learning and respects their interests, needs and character. Children are given freedom (within reason!) to make choices about what they play with and for how long. Every child is considered to be capable of achieving great things and able to learn independently as long as they are provided with the right environment and materials. Head over to our Blog Page to learn more about how children learn using the Montessori method.

How will my child benefit from Montessori-Inspired activities?

Young children who are exposed to the Montessori method of learning can expect to develop high levels of independence, concentration and confidence in their own abilities. They will learn that when they are given time and space to explore something new, experiences begin to make sense and new connections in their brain are formed quickly. 

What will my child learn?

Activities for younger babies focus on the key areas of communication and language, physical skills and personal, social and emotional development. For older babies and toddlers, activities build on these skills to include encouraging an interest in learning about the wider world, creativity and early preparation for literacy and maths. 

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