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The Little Helper Box

From around 12 months your teeny little baby, dependent on you for everything, will suddenly be all about "me me me" and will be desperate to imitate what they see happening around them in their day to day life. Whether it's preparing meals, tidying the toys or cleaning the windows, your toddler will no longer be content to watch what is going on around them .... enough of seeing, now it's all about doing! 

Now is the time to bring in our Little Helper Box - packed full of child-sized, easy to use items and equipment that are easy for little hands to use but actually do the job!

The Little Helper Box

£47.99 Regular Price
£40.99Sale Price
    • Wooden mini block knife - perfectly proportioned to be easily grasped and controlled by little hands for independent, safe chopping.
    • Mini wooden chopping board - designed to be used with our wooden block knife.
    • Spray bottle - We have tracked down a simple spray bottle which is proportioned to be easily operated by small hands. Just top up with water and it's ready to go for window cleaning, table wiping, paint spill mopping ....
    • Mini microfibre cloth - just the right size for tiny hands to mop up all those spills.
    • Metal dustpan and brush - produced from sustainable sources, this mini kit is perfect for sweeping up in the kitchen or garden.
    • Linen apron - this cute bear motif apron will last your little one for years and will really make them feel the part when busy being your number one helper!
    • Also included - our signature guidance cards full of hints and tips to help you to support your little one to fulfil all of their dreams of independence.
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