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The Busy Fingers Box

We've gathered all of our favourites for babies who are just beginning to find their hands. This is such an exciting time in your little one's developmental journey as they begin a more active participation in their unique learning journey. 

Everything in the box has been chosen to be easily held and provide a range of sensory feedback to support engagement and interest.

We recommend this box for babies from around 3 months or when they are attempting to grasp toys within their reach.

The Busy Fingers Box

    • A classic wooden bell rattle from Swedish design-led brand, Jababdabado. The rattle has narrow pillars which are easy to grasp and a wooden 'bell' when gently shaken. Perfect for early cause and effect learning.
    • Haba clutching ring toy. With rings large and small and a wonderfully smooth texture, your baby will love this traditional wooden toy.
    • Baby's Very First Touchy Feely Book - for all things bumpy, smooth, shiny and soft!
    • Set of 4 multi-textured sensory balls - great for grasping, clutching, throwing (and amazing for teething too!)
    • An organic cotton crocheted Jellyfish rattle from ethical brand Pebblechild. 
    • Also included are playguides for each item, providing you with advice on introducing these new experiences to your baby and lots of information on how they support your little learner's development.
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