• Emma

Home Sweet Home

Staying at home with a toddler during lockdown may just be one of the most challenging things you have ever done. Just as they are reaching the stage when they are desperate to explore their world in more and more detail, your four walls become the limit of their experience.

Without the meet-ups with friends, classes, groups and trips to soft play, the farm or swimming pool, what can you do to keep your little explorer happy, busy and full of wonder? The good news is, your little one's development won't stop just because you can't go out, you just need a bit of planning, a few household items and an acceptance that you are doing your best.....

Read on to discover a few of our favourite toddler activities to do at home. I have divided them up into two sections: activities which need a little preparation and those which you can quickly pull out of the bag for those times when you just need some instant entertainment!

Prepared Activities

Prepping activities the night before is a good option if your little one is now into a regular bedtime routine. Just a few minutes gathering bits and pieces after dinner, will save frantic moments the following morning. If you're super organised, plan a few days' worth of ideas in advance although it's good to be flexible here depending on your child's particular interests (and mood!) on the day. I've always found it helpful to have a dedicated space to store prepared activities so if you have a spare box, basket or shelf, set it aside in advance. Have a look through the ideas below and choose any that you think your little one would like to have a go at ...

Opening and Closing

Gather three or four containers with lids such as jars, plastic food boxes, bottles or gift boxes. Present them to your

child with the lids on correctly and show them how to remove and replace the lids on one or two before

inviting them to have a go.This will help your little one to gain awareness of shape and size as they try different ways to match up containers with lids. It is also a great way for them to explore how to use their hands in different ways to achieve what they are aiming for.

A quick word about praise here .... instead of saying "Well done" when your child achieves something, think about being more specific and saying something like "You put the lid on!" which will help them to clearly see what they have achieved.