subscription box 9 months old

The 9 Months Box

This box is designed to be the perfect learning partner for your little mover and shaker! It has all sorts of activities and advice to support your baby as they begin to see life from a different angle. Have you noticed how your little one is fascinated by things that go together or putting things in and out of containers? The activities in this box are great for encouraging this new passion whilst helping your little one's developing awareness of place and space.

  • What's in the box?

    • A simple little cloth bag stuffed full of colourful, silky ribbons; follow our activity guide to see how your little one's fine motor skills will move on to another leve as they pull the ribbons out one by one.
    • A beautiful wooden fir tree to stack in order of size; great foe your little one's exploration of size and appealing to their sense of visual order. Oh. and did we mention the really cute little owl perched on top of the tree?
    • A clever little pair of super soft moccasin slippers; supple enough to allow developing feet to move, grow and feel, they have a non-slip sole to help with those first attempts at being upright.
    • A wonderfully detailed book of things to spot when youre at home or when youre out and about. We love this book; so much to talk about just as your little one is really starting to notice that things they come across regularly have names.
    • A detailed play guide to help you support your little one's learning. This month's guide tells you all about what to expect from your little one's development, talks you through how to introduce all of the activities, explains what each activity is teaching your child and gives you ideas for further opportunities to build on the new skills you have introduced.
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