montessori toys for small bright learners

The 8 Months Box

This box has all sorts of fun learning  activities for your little explorer. Around this age your baby will be really starting to notice differences and similarities between the things they come across every day. The world is an exciting place with so much to discover so we have included activities to ignite and reinforce your little one's latest discoveries as well as practical solutions to promote independence in the daily routine.

  • What's in the box?

    • A basket of authentic 'Schleich' farm animals for your little investigator to explore, examine, name and compare.
    • A beautifully shiny, smooth wooden egg shaker for musical fun and an introduction to hide and seek games.
    • A sturdy wooden book all about life on the farm to encourage your little future reader to handle books carefully and learn how to turn the page.
    • A perfectly-sized bamboo toothbrush to introduce good oral hygiene habits; our play guide gives lots of tips to get you and your little one started.
    • A detailed play guide which keeps you up to scratch on your baby's development as well as providing step by step activity guides and lots of tips to support your little one's learning, 
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