montessori subscription box for babies

The 6 Months Box

The 6 months box has been designed to recognise all the amazing changes your baby has made over the first half year of their life! As they begin their transition to solid food around now, we have activities to encourage this new, strange way of eating. There are also games to reinforce their exploratory play through using all of the senses and some great tips to support early communication. For those babies who are sitting up at this age, we have toys and activities to strengthem those core muscles to prepare them to get on the move!

  • What's in the box?

    • A set of tiny open drinking cups, perfectly proportioned for little hands to grasp and lift. They come with a bamboo washcloth to encourage your little one to begin to understand about cause and effect by mopping and wiping the spills.
    • Your baby's first Treasure Basket - a small wicker basket with a range of wooden objects to examine and make sense of.
    • A first book of Baby Signs to get you and your baby started on communication - you'll be amazed how even young babies are able to absorb, imitate and use baby signs.
    • A lovley solid wood push-along frog to introduce your baby to the concept of movement from one plave to another.
    • Our detailed play guide which tells you all about what to expect from your little one around this age as well as ideas on how to introduce each activity and ideas for further play to support new skills.


  • Shipping info

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