small bright learning toys for babies

The 3 Months Box

This box is full of activities to support your little one through their first major leap in development. Around three months, many babies are beginning to gain more control of their limbs and show more interest in their surroundings. When you're so little, this is really hard work and can be quite overwhelming which results in your little person suddenly needing lots more cuddles and reassurance. Providing experiences which not only soothe your little one but also introduce a peaceful routine whilst still encouraging those new movements is what this box is all about.

  • What's in the box?

    • 'Baby's First Touchy-Feely Book' - full of high contrast images and lots of textures; the perfect choice for a bedtime story in the transition from day to night.
    • A wonderfully silky-soft comforter from EttaLoves, which had been designed to soothe your baby with the comfort of a soft touch along with the fascination of monochrome patterns.
    • A first doll in the form of a soft, knitted rattle made by mothers in a Fair Trade cooperative in rural Bangladesh. The rattle is the ideal size and shape for your little one to grasp and shake, introducing them to cause and effect.
    • A set of translucent scarves for the very best in sensory play. Your baby will love the calming movements, gentle breezes and contrasting colours!
    • A detailed play guide to help you use everything in the box to support your little one.
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