subscription box for 2 year old

The 24 Months Box

The 24 months box  is a celebration of the amazing learning journey your little person has been on over the last two years! There are all sorts of activities to really begin to refine those fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as well as plenty of opportunities to build vocabulary and other ways of communication. Many children around this age delight in all sorts of role play as they begin to understand the idea of one object representing another, so we have included activities to use this new found interest to help them on their journey to early literacy! Of course, reaching the grand old age of two, it wouldnt be right if we didn't also include an activity to help them celebrate the big day too!

  • What's in the box?

    • A beautiful set of chunky wooden fruits for threading; a great activity to work on your little one's maturing grasp and manipulation of small objects.
    • A cute little wooden family for lots of chatty, imaginative role-play and early independent story-telling.
    • Your little one's very first pair of scissors that actually cut! We have supplied a selection of easy to cut materials such as foam and straws which give lots of sensory feedback as they learn this new skill.
    • A lovely story book about a little someone about to have a birthday party. Your little one will love to hear about the exciting preparations that go on as they head towards their own special day!
    • As with all of our boxes, this one comes with our detailed play guide. This contains plenty of information to help you prepare for what to expect from your child's development around this age. There are also comprehensive activity cards; step by step instructions to help you support your little one safely, appropriately and  with lots of fun too! Each activity card also explains what your child will be learning and we provide you with plenty of tips and ideas to carry on their new learning in different ways around the home!
  • Shipping info

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