the 23 months box of montessori learning

The 23 Months Box

The 23 months box is full of activities that recognise how your little one is gradually becoming a really capable little learner these days. Many children around this age are really trying to do so much for themselves and thrive on challenge and responsibility. So, in this box we've given your little one plenty of activities to stretch them - bodies and minds alike! 

  • What's in the box?

    • A clever little wooden 'feely' game where your little one's hands, not their eyes, do all the hard work to match the objects. This is a great way for them to refine their sense of touch .... perfect preparation for future fine motor skills.
    • A crafty little set of wooden animal stampers, a range of coloured ink pads and some cute mult-coloured shaped card. Not only is this a lovely calming activity for a rainy day, it will also help your child to understand size and space as they quickly learn to control their movements.
    • "Quiet" is one of our favourite books and is all about ..... well, quiet! When you share this book with your child, it opens up lots of encouragment to focus in on listening skills, especially sounds they hear in the environment. This skill not only supports your child's language and communication but is also one of the first steps towards phonics awareness they will use later in early literacy.
    • A perfectly sized metal dustpan with a mini wooden sweeping brush for your little helper! Finally, we hear you say, your little mess-maker can help to tidy up!
    • We also include our detailed play guide which provides you with a summary of what to expect from your child's development around this age. In the pack you will also find activity cards for all four activities, explaining how to introduce each one to your little one, how to support them as they use the toys, what they will be learning and lots of tips for you to help them continue to build on their new learning!
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