Gift box for small bright learners

The 22 Months Box

The 22 months box is packed full of fun for your little learner! Many children around this age are very focussed on organising and categorising to make sense of the increasingly complex games they engage in so we've included some great activities for them to really get stuck in to which have clear beginning and end points. We have also added activities to support your little one's first steps in bcoming a future writer with some fun mark-making tools as well as opportunities which continue to support them to do as much as they possibly can "all by myself"!

  • What's in the box?

    • A solid wood matching game to pair up baby animals with their parents. We love that the animal images are photographs rather than the usual cartoon-like drawing, giving your little one a true likeness for them to learn all the details.
    • A selection of brushes for great exploratory painting. What will your little artist choose.... the chunky stamper, stripy foam roller, or a big wide paddle brush?
    • A beautifully crafted child-sized bamboo toothbrush which is kind to your little one's teeth and gums as well as the environment. This is paired with a safety mirror to help your little one get to grips with self-care independently.
    • A twisty dropper, just the right size for little hands to squeeze and empty into the little bowls also supplied for this activity. Your little one will love using their dropper to transfer water from one bowl to the other over and over again (and wont even realise how much great work they are doing for their fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, understanding of capacity and concentration skills!)
    • As with all of our boxes, we also include a comprehensive play guide to help you with your little one's learning journey. This contains lots of handy information about what to expect from your little one's development around this age. We also include separate activity cards to help you with how to guide your child through each activity, what they will be learning and lots of tips for how to extend their new learning beyond the activities!
  • Shipping info

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