childrens activity box for toddlers

The 21 Months Box

The 20 months box has been developed to the developmental needs of toddlers around this age who are becoming increasingly sociable and, in equal measure, enjoying spending loger periods of time focussed on activities of their choosing. So this box contains activities to support your toddler develop relationships with other children, including an understanding of sharing as well as increasing their language development. There are also lots of activities to keep those busy hands and minds working hard by sorting, grouping and measuring.

  • What's in the box?

    • A 30 second sand timer; your new best friend when it comes to supporting your little one to learn all about boundaries!
    • A layered puzzle with all the colours! Help your little one to learn about shape and size with this simply designed wooden classic.
    • A mini version of the classic Montessori Cylinder Blocks; with your help, this will help your little learner gain a real understanding of dimension.
    • A cute little wooden bird whistle! Get ready for your little one to pucker up and cheep away (whilst strengthening their oral muscles for further speech development!)
    • Also included is our comprehensive play guide which gives you an overview of your little one's development around this age as well as a set of activity cards which take you through the steps to introduce and use each activity with your child. We also include information about the specific learning coming from each activity as well as plenty of tips and ideas to keep that learning going!
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