montessori toys for toddlers

The 20 Months Box

The 20 months box has been created for todlers around this age, many of whom suddenly seem to think they are some kind of superhero! 'Dangerous' is not in their vocabulary and everything is about challenging themselves and absorbing everything around them. So this box focuses on helping you to support your little one to become aware of their bodies and their own capabilities whilst also providing them with more and more skills to explore their world effectively.

  • What's in the box?

    • Every little one's favourite .... "That's not my baby" book for lots of lovely chats and ways to introduce body parts and clothing vocabulary.
    • A solid wooden 'Touch and Match' board; this gives your little one the opportunity to really examine the small details and refine their sense of touch and vision.
    • Your little helper's very own cleaning kit. Now they can be just like you as they spray, wipe and polish their way around the house!
    • A super soft wild animal hand puppet for lots of opportunities to add to their growing language development by joining words together and adding in action words.
    • A detailed play guide which gives you an idea of what to expect from your little one's development around this age. Our activity cards take you through how to introduce the box items to your little one with step by step instructions and then explain what your little one will be laearning. We also give you plenty of tips and ideas to keep that new learning going.
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