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The 18 Months Box

This box, aimed at your 18 month old, has been created to harness all that energy with lots of activities which encourage concentration and focus. Many children around this age are discovering they really like to be in control (and how!) so we have included activities which enable them to make independent choices whilst still being able to gain satisfaction from seeing when they have finished a task. We've also included plenty of opportunities to support your little chatterbox to use their new language skills to enhance their play!

  • What's in the box?

    • A wonderful wooden puzzle with real photographs of all your little one's bathtime favourites to help with manipulative skills, spatial awareness, vocabulary and an introduction to the idea of symbolism.
    • A set of open-ended wooden figures. Apart from being beautifully tactile, these little people are ideal to support your child's developing imaginative play and encourages the ideas associated with story-telling language.
    • A mini creative pack with tissue paper shapes, a pot of glue, a glue spreader and coloured card sheets. Your little one will love exploring their creativity as well as learning how to use equipment for particular purposes and develop confidence.
    • A set of multicoloured wooden pegs in a cute little wicker basket for lots of fine-motor practice, concentration and colour sorting. 
    • You'll also find our play guide in the box, letting you know what to expect from your child's development around this age as well as providing you with step by step guidance for each activity. Also included are our activity cards which provide an explanation of what your child will be learning as well as lots of ideas for you to continue to extend their new skills and knowledge.
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