childrens activity box for 17 months old

The 17 Months Box

The 17 months box contains a range of activities designed to celebrate the huge cognitive leaps many children go through around this age. There are lots of opportunities for sorting and categorising as your child begins to make sense of new experiences by grouping common features in their brains. There are also lots of slightly more challenging physical tasks than in our earlier boxes as toddlers around this age tend to be driven by putting in maximum physical effort! The activities are also designed to add lots of new words to your little chatterbox's increasing vocabulary which is growing by the minute!

  • What's in the box?

    • A beautiful set of multicoloured, multi-shaped tactile pebbles to sort, match and make arrangements!
    • A set of child-sized glass pouring jugs with a little bag of corn kernels. This is one of our truly traditional Montessori 'practical life' activities and really helps your little one to refine their hand-eye coordination and results in amazing levels of concentration. By following the instructions in our activity guide, your child will learn how to develop self-control and handle delicate items with care.
    • A traditional solid wood hammer bench which is not only great for hand-eye coordination but is also a perfect toy to teach your child about how activities have a starting and ending point.
    • A lovely book all about colours to inspire your little one to use their building knowledge of colours in the wider world. 
    • As with all of our boxes, we also include our play guide which tells you all about what to expect from your child's development around this age. Each activity comes with a guidance card to support you when introducing a new experience to your child, explains what your child will learn through each activity and gives you lots of tips and ideas to continue building on their new knowledge and skills.
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