16 months box for small bright learning

The 16 Months Box

The 16 Months box really celebrates the amazing things little ones can achieve, given the right guidance. Most toddlers around this age are fully on the move all day and are desperate to discover and explore everything. The only trouble with that is that they have little idea of how to keep themselves safe. So, this box contains activities which seek to show them that you know they are amazing and capable, in a safe way. There are also plenty of activities which make the most of your toddler's constant need for repetition and some great ideas to introduce the very first steps towards becoming literate!

  • What's in the box?

    • A proper, grown up set of stainless steel cutlery to aid independent eating; plastic spoons are 'so last year' for your little one now!
    • Three little pots of the most deliciously scented, naturally coloured play dough along with a set of coloured mark-making sticks.
    • A fabulously simple early game and book all about colours. Your little one will love matching the colour cards and will soon be noticing and naming colours everywhere.
    • A real crinkle cutter for your little chef to begin joining in with meal preparation. Our activity guide cards will help you to introduce real tools safely to your child and their sense of achievement when they slice their own banana for snack time is not to be underestimated!
    • We also provide  a detailed play guide which includes what to expect from your little one's development around this age as well as separate activity cards to guide you through the best ways to introduce new materials to your child to get the most learning. You'll also find lots of tips and ideas to ensure your little one carries on building on the new skills and knowledge learned in the activities. 
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