montessori childrens activity box for 15 months old

The 15 Months Box

The 15 months box has been designed especially for your little one to start to understand what it is to be a learner. Simple Montessori principles will be introduced, such as how to introduce a new play experience so that your little one is fully prepared for independent success. Through the activities in this box, your little learner will discover that perseverance pays off, will develop their listening skills and will begin to think about and express simple emotions.

  • What's in the box?

    • A set of nesting dolls with a cute surprise in the middle; perfect for developing an understanding of size and space.
    • A lovely wooden wiggly worm to take apart and put back together again, but it's not as easy as you think!
    • A great book all about Feelings! Your little one will love exploring the different facial expressions of emotions which is the first step in beginning to understand and express how they are feeling.
    • A set of jingly bells for your little dancer to attach to their ankles or wrists to give them the funniest way to learn about rhythm through our suggested musical sounds activities.
    • Our development guidance pack which gives you the lowdown on what to expect from your little one's development around this age as well as a set of activity cards to guide you through introducing the activities and giving you ideas for further learning.
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