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The 14 Months Box

The 14 months box is all about the big wide world! Many children around this age are really starting to wnat to get to know more about the world around tham and are fascinated by plants, animals and people they encounter. We have included lots of activities to build on their growing vocabulary, opportunities to explore the small details they see in nature and games to continue to refine those fine motor skills which means they are more and more able to explore their world independently.

  • What's in the box?

    • A basket of 'Schleich' wild animals. These models are full of detail and are really acuurate representations of the real thing. We've suggested lots of language-rich activities to use the animals with as well as games to really encourage curiosity and explore the finer details.
    • A rainbow collection of sticky dots and coloured card for great peeling and pattern making. 
    • A beautiful wooden flower garden which introduces your little one to the beauty of the natural world and gives lots of opportunities for sorting, arranging and naming.
    • A first book of animal words; this book is packed full of all sorts of animals to meet. Your little one will love tracing the trails and cut-out shapes as they listen to you talk about the animals, where they live and the sounds they make.
    • Our detailed developmental play guide which provides you with a summary of your little one's development around this age, information cards for each activity and lots of ideas for how to introduce new concepts and build on new skills.
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