10 months baby gift

The 10 Months Box

The 10 Months box is all about having fun! Around this age many parents say that they really feel their baby is starting to show their own personality and so we have created a series of activities to encourage lots of happy family learing! Now that your baby is beginning to understand some words, activities include games for listening, turn-taking and confidence-building as well as continuing to focus on physical development and language skills.

  • What's in the box?

    • A simple set of wooden percussion sticks to introduce rhythm, listening and sharing.
    • A cute veggie themed bamboo plate and cutlery set to motivate your little one to feed themselves, boost self-esteem and learn that mealtimes are happy times.
    • An "Audio-Sensory' Tray - the perfect belnd of a puzzle and listening toy which will help your little one to explore and distinguish sounds as well as consider shape and the idea that things belong in particular places.
    • A set of three pots of beautiful, naturally scented play dough; not only does this activity strengthen little hands, it is also a perfect early introduction to the fact that your baby's movements can result in making marks in materials.
    • We also include our detailed play guide which explains what to expect from your baby's development this month, guides you through how to use the play materials to support specific skills and knowledge and gives you lots of ideas to continue to build those skills in other play experiences.
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