The New Baby Box

The New Baby Box

This box is full of lovely things to help your  little one to start to get to know their new world. Over the next few weeks they will begin to recognise the faces, voices, touch and smell of their special people and learn just how much they are loved.

As they are fed, washed, talked to, gazed at, cuddled, rocked and patted they will experience a huge range of sensory experiences and start to use their body to discover more each day. Welcome to the start of your Small + Bright journey!

  • What's in the box?

    • A beautifully soft sensory muslin, scientifically designed to support your baby's visual and cognitive development. 

    • A gentle projector to fill your baby’s room with a range of colours, lights and melodies to provide a soothing visual and auditory interest.

    • A lightly textured rattle for your baby's very first attempts at moving, listening and touching.

    • A box of gentle, calming herbal tea specially made for new and breastfeeding mothers.

    • A detailed play guide to help you use everything in the box to support your little one. This month the guide focuses on recognising what your little one is learning through care routines, encouraging early eye development, how to talk to your baby to introduce the concept of communication and ideas for gently awakening all of the senses.

  • Shipping info

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