baby gift boxes for 5 months old

The 5 Months Box

We have included plenty of activities in this box to encourage your baby to begin to notice and explore small details on objects as their vision becomes more refined. As they are now beginning to explore a wider range of speech sounds we have also included activities to encourage this. There are also lots of activities suggested in our play guide to encourage your baby to work on using both hands together, explore how to balance upright and lots of opportunities for moving their whole body!

  • What's in the box?

    • For busy little hands and eyes .... a gorgeously textured organic cotton activity bear with all sorts of bits and bobs to fiddle with, twist, pull and chew.
    • A set of simple wooden maracas which are the perfect size for even the tiniest of hands; these are great for encouraging coordinated movements of both hands and arms. Our play guide tells you how to use them to encourage this important new skill.
    • A crinkly, crunchy, blanket for super energetic floor-play to move those limbs!
    • A traditional wooden ring rattle which really gets the fine motor skills working. This one is great for your baby to begin using fingers and thumbs separately rather than the whole hand.
    • Our detailed play guide which tells you all about what your baby is learning this month and how to use the toys and activity suggestions to support them.
  • Shipping info

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