baby gift with montessori activities

The 4 Months Box

The 4 months box is designed to support your little one to get to grips with what their bodies can do! So we have included lots of activities to entice them into stretching and reaching out, as well as games to play together to encourage them to use their new-found voice and explore how faces look when we make different sounds. Oh... and there are plenty of tips and help for those pesky teeth which are probably beginning to make themselves known!

  • What's in the box?

    • A beautifully designed Polar Bear rattle all the way from Sweden, with a naturally smooth wooden teething ring for gentle relief from teething.
    • A pair of textured sensory balls to tempt your little tummy timer to stretch out and roll. They are also wonderful for grasping and chewing!
    • A fun foam mirror for lots of funny face games! Your little one will love using this for all the chatty games we suggest in our play guide.
    • 'Animal Babies' - a truly beautifully illustrated book of animals and their babies for those first introductions to using voices to make all sorts of sounds.
    • A detailed play guide to help you use everything in the box to support your little one. 
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