montessori inspired developmental toys for babies

The 2 Months Box

This box is designed to support your little one's ability to use their bodies with a little more control as they start to notice their own hands and feet. They will learn how many new textures there are to experience as they use their super-strong grasp reflex and will be finding their voice which you can support with lots of chatter and singing. The box also has lots of ideas for introducing gentle bedtime rituals, starting with calming bathtimes.

  • What's in the box?

    • A pair of super-cute little rattles designed to be worn on tiny feet, with lots of bright colours, twiddly bits and sounds to help your baby find their feet.
    • A traditional wooden rattle with a simple bell inside which is the perfect size and shape for your baby to grasp and explore how their movements result in sounds.
    • A very first book of nursery rhymes to share with your little one to expose them to a wide range of speech sounds and tones to kick-start early communication.
    • A deliciously calming lavender bubble bath made from natural, dermatologically tested ingredients especially for delicate baby skin.
    • A detailed play guide to help you use everything in the box to support your little one. 
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