• Emma

Small, Merry and Bright!

This year, as we all desperately search for a little positivity, many of us are starting our Christmas celebrations a little early. Trees are going up, lights are twinkling, cupboards are filling up with yumminess and your little ones are beginning to sense that something special is going on.

We've put together ten of our favourite ideas for activities you can do at home over the next few weeks with your under twos to bring a little Christmas magic into their lives as we wait for the 'big day' ....

1. Festive Treasure Basket

For a multi-sensory play time, gather a collection of Christmassy bits and pieces such as ribbons, unbreakable baubles, tinsel, clean pine cones, bells, shiny paper, bows etc and offer them in a container for your little one to explore one by one and collectively. The more senses you can address, the better. When putting the collection together, obviously be aware of choking hazards and always supervise when they are playing.

2. Scrunchy Tummy Time

If you're trying to get some presents wrapped, set aside a roll for your little wriggly one. Lay a big sheet out on the floor, rough it up a bit first and let them kick, scrunch and roll! This is great for gross motor skills in babies around

3-6 months also makes a different way for them to explore cause and effect as they explore what their movements result in.