• Emma

Is your one year old going through the 'terrible twos'?

We’ve all heard about the “Terrible Twos” but, in reality, the challenging behaviour we associate with two year olds often comes much earlier. From around 15 months your little angel may suddenly change into a furious little fireball, prone to throw themselves to the floor at any moment and treat you to the loudest, red-faced screams, usually in situations when you are praying for them not to!

Read on for tips and ideas to support your little one through the 'terrible ones'! ...

During children's second year, they are learning to be independent and need to understand how being your own person works. Strong-willed behaviour is their way of testing what is acceptable and what is not. For example, your little learner knows that their drink of water in their cup tastes good but what about mummy’s drink? Is it the same? Their inbuilt need to find out is so powerful that when you move your hot mug of tea out of their reach, it is almost unbearable for them.

They are also at that stage when their cognitive development is going through a massive growth period. Coupled with that is the fact that they understand so much of what you say to them (receptive language) but their speech (expressive language) has not yet caught up. The result is a little person who is desperate to explore but is not able to tell you exactly what it is they want to discover and why! Hence the tantrums!

Prevention is better than cure!

There are a few basics to consider at this stage so that you give your little one a head start in avoiding the frustrations ..

  • minimise over-tiredness, hunger, discomfort so they don’t start off feeling grumpy before you even try to do anything else with your day.

  • Have a predictable routine which creates a feeling of calm for your little one’s day; if they know what to expect then they ar